The standardkeyboard

The standard keyboard offers four rows of keys. To be able to print the necessary amount of letters there is a shift key, which is to be used to switch between the colums, the numbers and the punctuation marks. This keyboard was the most common one, it is still existing since its first invention in 1864.

Keyboard of the first Remington.

The three- rowed double shift keyboard

The three- rowed keyboard is also called double shift keyboard. To be able to write the same amount of letters like using the standard keyboard, there is a double shift system. The first shift key is to be pressed to write the colums, the second one to write the numbers and punctuation notes. Three letters a soldered on each type lever.

The position of the punctuation mark- keys may vary.
Examples: Adler, Blickensderfer, Oliver, Williams.

The double keyboard

At the double keyboard a single key serves a typelever with only one letter. In comparison with the universal keyboard there is the double amount of keys. Because every type ownes its own lever and key these typewriter are very big and heavy.

The position of the punctuation mark- keys may vary.
Examples: Bar-Lock, Smith- Premier, Caligraph.

The Index

Typewriter with an index are the most unusual ones.
The selection of the letter must be done by using a pointer. By moving this pointer the typewheel is turned in a special way until the selected letter reaches the printing position.
By pressing the printing key the typewheel lowers towards the platen and the letter is printed. Index typewriter e.g. are Edelmann, Geniatus, Gundka.

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