by Jochen Besmer

This homepage shall give the friend of office- antiques a view of the history and the various techniques of antique typewriter.

This site was made for showing the great inventiveness which was necesarry to solve the problem of visible writing. Moreover it shall demonstrate the importance of a nice design.

The chapter "History" allows a quick overview of the history of developing.

"How does ist work ?" shows and explains various operations of printing a letter.

If you should be the owner of an old typewriter and if you are unable to figure out it`s brand, you have got the chance to fill ot a multiple- choice- form by clicking "brandfinder". After having sent it to me I surely will be able to recognize it`s brand- name.

It´s the declared goal of this collection to keep these great inventions of industrial development for future generations. Bar- Lock No.6

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